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Equipo de administración de personal oficinas centrales de Grupo Piñero


September 28, 2018

Always at the service of all our colleagues…

The staff admin area provides service and coverage for our colleagues, as internal clients, handling our needs with the utmost precision.

Such requirements or queries are typically connected with: our employment contracts, payslips, access to the employee portal, the flexible remuneration scheme and other benefits we might enjoy as members of the Grupo Piñero.

The department coordinates its organisation so as to comply with legal deadlines: it is not only we as employees who like to receive our salary payments on time; the Social Security, Tax Office and others also need to receive their notifications and payments on the due date.

The area's aim is to take care of all of us working at the offices in Spain, as well as staff posted to Caribbean destinations. To provide all this cover, we have a team of 6 people in place. In the photo, from left to right: Beatriz Martín, Laura Le Troter, Maica Escobar, Nazaret Sánchez, Nieves Ordoño and Mónica Martínez.

Breaking down barriers

The aim we strive to fulfil every day is to be an approachable department. Being close to our colleagues is what helps us grow as professionals. Which is why the basis of our progress is through interaction, by means of active listening to help us to understand and better reach out to our internal clients, points out Nazaret Sánchez, the head of the area.

New projects

​In order to optimise the services provided to our colleagues, the plan is to implement a programme that will feature a new, much more agile employee portal, allowing us to conduct various personal admin procedures online.