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August 31, 2018

A Letter from the Family: Encarna Piñero addresses a few words in the name of the family

Video tribute to Pablo Piñero:


Dear colleague,

It is now one year since the most difficult moment I have experienced, in personal and family terms, together with my mother and sisters, but also the organisation to which we all belong: the passing of Pablo Piñero.

Organisations are ultimately made up of people, and although the challenge and the essence of true success is that no one should be indispensable, the fact is that after the loss of our founder, the company will never again be quite the same.

The fact is that since that sad day, 31 August 2017, which I am sure we all remember, many things have happened. These include in particular the implementation of the family protocol and meetings of the family board: two mechanisms that we put in place some years ago, in what proved to be a wise decision so as to consolidate our progress at what is a time of uncertainty at any organisation.

The first anniversary of his passing is a good time to look back, to honour his memory, and to express sincere thanks to everyone for your support and hard work over all these months.

We have in turn reflected during the past year, and aimed to analyse where we are and where we are heading. Great efforts have likewise been made in terms of communication, to convey both internally and externally a message of continuity, trust and security.

To this end my mother, my sisters and I have had the chance to meet with all the teams and to visit all the countries where we operate, and at the last edition of Fitur we also had a wonderful opportunity to address the sector with this same message. Having evaluated these steps, I think that we should now congratulate ourselves on where we stand.

Meanwhile, in the sphere of our operations, although we knew that this would be a highly demanding season, all our divisions are performing well.

Which is why I once again wish to express my thanks, because without you and without all our other colleagues we would not be looking back with such pride, nor looking ahead with such positivity and security.

I would lastly like to tell you that as part of the process of reflection, over the coming months we will redouble our efforts to underpin the group's future course.

With this aim in mind, we have launched a new "organisation project", focused on adapting our company to the new internal and external context, because our sector is engaged in a great process of change and transformation, as you will all have seen.

In this new project I trust that we can continue to count on your dedication and aptitude, and that, as members of the Grupo Piñero, you will continue to see yourselves as part of one big family.
Warm regards to all.

Signed: Encarna Piñero - CEO of the Grupo Piñero –

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