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Evento Viajes Exito


September 19, 2018

We celebrate an event in Medellín with our best client in Colombia

Viajes Éxito is the most important client for Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts in Colombia. It is headquartered in Medellín, and LatAm Commercial Director Malena Omoldi paid a visit alongside the commercial representative for the local market, Guiomar Rodríguez.

We have signed an alliance between the two companies with a really strong sales commitment in 2019 based on technology, as we have integrated with their systems.

Bahia Principe staged the gathering to attract the interest of the top salespeople and provide them with training. It was a highly productive event, where we learned about the hotels, strengthened the relationship with our best client, and forecast ambitious sales figures for next year, according to Malena.

We believe we will have a highly productive 2009 in this market…



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